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Welcome to Create your own personalized T-Shirts, Mugs, Cards and more.

All order processing, printing and delivery is provided by Zazzle, we just create the content to put on the products.

QR Code T-Shirts, Mugs, Cards, Badges, Stickers...

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Type in a message below and we'll generate a QR code of your message and send you to Zazzle where you can put it on a t-shirt, mug, card and lots more.


QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes which can be used to encode data that can be decoded using barcode readers or camera phones.

You can download free applications for your camera phone to reveal the messages in these codes (e.g. Kaywa Reader).

Hex code T-Shirts

Got something to say but don't want to say it "out loud"? Create your own Coded Message T-Shirt.