Coded message t-shirts

Create your own personalized T-Shirt with a coded message* of your choosing.

  • Got something to say?
  • Don't want to get arrested?
  • Ever wanted to walk through customs wearing a T-Shirt that says "I've got a bomb in my bag"?**

Now you can! Follow the three simple steps below to create your personalized T-Shirt.

Design Front

Preview of coded message appears below.

Design Back

Preview of coded message appears below.

Customize and Buy

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  • Further customize your design
  • Change the colors
  • Select a different garment
  • Buy it!

To decode a message, enter it here:

decodes as:

* The coded version of your message is simply the codes used by a computer to represent the characters you type. For example, a SPACE will translate to 20 in the coded message. It is not intended to be hard to decode, just difficult for the average person to see what the message is.

** This is probably not a good idea.